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Digitalisation and new technology concepts - the vending industry is armed for the future

Future-looking operating concepts and digital services are gaining significance

The revolution of the vending machines is beginning: In the past vending machines were considered to be stopgaps that were implemented as emergency solutions in order to close service gaps short-term. Nowadays, vending machines are enjoying new popularity. They are modern, customer-oriented and omnipresent in the digital era. Today, vending machines are used as an autonomous and modern sales channel. The public vending section is hereby growing stronger and stronger. However, the variety of possibilities is by no means completely exploited and tailor-made solutions are required. At euvend & coffeena (09-11.05.2019) companies from the vending industry will present their latest products and solutions and show where the journey is headed in the future.

Individual, where possible digital 24/7 services that is what the customers and consumers expect today. The manufacturers and operators are thus forced to adapt their offers if they want to successfully co-shape the market and meet the expectations of the customers. The consumer's first point of contact on the vending machine is the control panel. Here pushbutton systems are still customary, although touch systems have long since become the standard in many areas of life. They can be designed individually and in a user-friendly way. The machines can be visually upgraded alone through a modern design of the control panel in the form of larger touch displays. In addition, further functions such as visualisations can be implemented, which enhance the customer experience.

Touch systems offer new creative possibilities. "Intuitive displays can for instance be used for advertising videos or special campaigns that generate further turnover," stated Oliver Garn, Executive Director and Country Manager Austria/Netherlands at EVOCA Germany GmbH. "Modern machines with touch systems are perceived to be of higher quality and the operating and selection process is faster and more simple for the customer." Gert Mulder, Branch Manager at Animo GmbH sees the aim of digitalising the control panel in optimising the service performances: "The service can be significantly improved for the customer through digital options, for example through the implementation of apps, but also through seasonal product offers and campaigns such as "happy hours" or couponing." This also means further business fields and sales approaches for the operators of vending machines. "Furthermore, operating instructions in the form of active movies are conceivable that support the user in front of the machine," stated Mulder. The communication with customers will continually further develop and offer new possibilities. For instance, André Meier, Commercial Manager/Head of Sales of Sielaff GmbH & Co. KG, is announcing the display of ingredients, nutritional values and allergens, which particularly with a view to the growing interest of the customers for a healthy diet can be a useful service.

If one takes things a step further, face recognition by the machine comes into play. With the aid of the interpretation of facial expression and gestures, the desired product can in future be automatically proposed [1]. This additional service would be a breakthrough for the industry, is however by all means realistic for the future. Overall, the services will be optimised and digitalised in future. "With the right solution achieved for example by means of an app, the consumers can not only see where a vending machine is located, but also which products are available," forecasted John Kolthof, Executive Director, CCV Easy, a brand of the international CCV Group B.V. "What's more, the collected data provides an insight into the consumer behaviour, which enables the service and support to be further improved and become more efficient."

Last, but not least the payment methods play an important role for the consumer. In all sections of the trade the trend is going towards modern payment methods, such as cashless payment and mobile payment. The vending industry should also pick up on this. "The customers are increasingly looking for a high-tech machine that offers the best possible user experience. For example, with the machines of Magex it is possible to pay with cash and credit cards, but also with the smartphone app, QR codes or promotion codes," explained Mauro Maule, CEO of Magex srl. Depending on the area of application, further payment methods should also be considered. "In the case of office vending machines, it would even be possible to deduct the amount spent from the wages," said Hansjürg Marti, Executive Director of Schaerer Germany GmbH.

New digital trends are also being developed for the management of vending machines. For example, intelligent systems, which send automatic notifications to the vending machine operators when a maintenance check is due or faults occur, are required. In the ideal case, the machine determines the maintenance intervals based on the usage of the machine. The development on the market is heading towards implementing new analysis and evaluation functions that work out the economic efficiency of the machines or which can produce sales balances. "Schaerer Germany GmbH is presenting a system at euvend & coffeena that provides information on which beverages are demanded the most, at which times the most coffee is sold or which depicts the performance at individual locations in the case of chain stores. On the basis of this data, different measures can be introduced, such as displaying targeted advertising campaigns on the displays of the machines or adapting the range of beverages to suit the customers' preferences," the Executive Director, Hansjürg Marti, stated. A further development that can be expected is that vending machines will send data, which allows the consistency of the quality of the beverages to be examined and the source of the faults to be identified.

Safety and sustainability also play a major role today. Regardless of all the advantages a smart vending machine brings with it, protection against hackers, i.e. through a safe Internet connection, should be taken into account [2]. The implementation of resource-saving technologies for instance regarding the water supply goes down well with customers and is also kind to the environment. In spite of all the innovations, the exhibitors of euvend & coffeena are unanimous on one point: the high quality of the products remains to be the most important benchmark for the customers and consumers. "Quality will remain to be the trend, because anyone who eats and drinks away from home, simply expects this," explained Matthias Molnar, Sales Director DACH Professional Filter Products at BRITA GmbH.

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Offices are the coffee houses of tomorrow - the Office Coffee Service trend (OCS) is moving the market

Companies at euvend & coffeena 2019 will be presenting new solutions and fields of application for the OCS

OCS has been the talk of the town for some time now already and is one of the industry's strongest growing markets - not only in Germany, but also worldwide. Against the backdrop of changing working environments, increasingly more flexibly designed working hour models and the flowing transition between private and working lives that result therefrom, the needs of the employees within a company, but also those of the customers, are changing too.

On top of this we are experiencing new collaborative forms of working together, which place totally different demands regarding the design of office rooms. Whether creative project rooms, open areas for communication purposes or also classic lobby areas, the fields of application of the Office Coffee Service are manifold and have a positive impact on the image of an employer.

The theme will also play an important role at euvend & coffeena 2019 and a number of the exhibiting companies agree that OCS has great potential: The CEO and Country Manager for Austria and the Netherlands at EVOCA Germany GmbH, Oliver Garn, considers the OCS market to be one of the strongest growing markets in Germany and explained: "OCS will not become, but indeed already is an important theme of relevance for EVOCA, because a good cup of coffee always contributes to the positive mood of the employees and customers." Tobias Lange, Sales Director of Miko Kaffee GmbH shares this opinion and stressed: "OCS is of enormous significance today, the consumer loves drinking his high-quality coffee at the workplace. The OCS market will continue to grow in the coming years too. We think this market will bring great opportunities."

The employees not only expect a contemporary provision with hot and cold drinks nowadays, they above all also await high-quality with regards to the taste. This development is supported by a broad spectrum of offerings: from the small tabletop capsule machine to fully automated coffee vending machines or stand devices, from the hygienic water dispenser to cold beverage vending machines, from the individual maintenance and repair service to the "all-round carefree package", a large number of offerings is available, which makes a customised offer possible for any company size.

Irrespective of the solution the company chooses from amongst all this diversity, the quality must be right. The selection of beverages, their preparation and the design as well as the materials of the devices - which are ideally sustainable - are factors that are equally as important as technical reliability and a long service life. Providers of professional OCS solutions know this.

The theme quality is also under the focus of the manufacturers. "The self-service market is growing, because coffee to-go is an ongoing trend. The quality of the coffee specialities from a vending machine should be on a par with those from a coffee shop or coffee bar," explained Hansjürg Marti, the Executive Director of Schaerer Deutschland GmbH. "We are noticing for example that the demand of the operators for vending concepts that fulfil these standards of quality - i.e. that require fresh milk and freshly ground beans - is increasing. Schaerer launched a quality campaign in the self-service segment two years ago and today offers a sophisticated concept in the scope of the Schaerer Premium Coffee Corner. Because in those cases where conventional vending machines frequently completely fall back on powder solutions, Schaerer is bringing its in-depth coffee expertise into play and is offering diversity and quality based on fresh ingredients in the form of the Premium Coffee Corner. In addition to this there is a unique spectrum of individualising options that are tailor-made to meet the requirements of the customers - regarding both the equipment alternatives as well as the design - and conceivably simple maintenance and filling options thanks to the compact and modular construction," continued Marti.

Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) Professional also sees very good growth potential for the OCS market. According to Arnd Manau, Sales Director at JDE Professional, "The vending and OCS section is of key significance for us. A lot of potential is lying dormant here and we see good growth opportunities for the business of JDE Professional together with our OCS partners. We particularly see good opportunities here with brand name coffees."

Matthias Molnar, Sales Director DACH Professional Filter Products at BRITA, confirmed this development: "The desire for good coffee has grown and this can definitely also become a moment of enjoyment in the office too. Good machines and good beans are important, but are not a guarantee for good taste alone. The basic element water influences the coffee aroma, that is a fact. Although invisible for the naked eye, the water constituents effect the taste, the cream and the appearance of coffee - positively or negatively. Thanks to BRITA filters the optimal composition of minerals for the popular hot drink can be achieved allowing the coffee to present itself in the best possible light."

But why are (more and more) companies opting for OCS? The advantages are plain to see here:

- OCS offerings contribute to creating a space where employees can meet and exchange ideas. That promotes not only a pleasant work atmosphere and a feeling of mutual belonging: Employees don't need to leave the office for a "coffee break" (for example, to go to the nearest coffee shop around the corner). The result is increased presence at the workplace and increased productivity as a consequence.
- Apropos productivity: especially the relaxing and stimulating effect of coffee results in improved performance in many people. The proverbial "good cup of coffee" helps people reset themselves and tackle tasks with a new dynamic.
- Last but not least, OCS solutions also express appreciation of one's own staff: the free supply of coffee, tea, water or even snacks expresses a kind of recognition, with a positive impact on commitment and the work atmosphere.

euvend & coffeena 2019 as the central meeting point of the industry is thus the ideal marketplace to present the latest OCS solutions, from versatile vending machines through to professional coffee machines. As such, the offices of today will quickly become the modern coffee houses of tomorrow.

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Payment Trends 2019: en passant

For a long time to pay for things one needed money - cash. And this particularly also applies when purchasing products and goods from the vending machine. The German Vending Association (BDV) estimates that approx. 75 percent of all vending machines operate using cash and are thus primarily fed with coins. However, cashless payment is a trend that doesn't come to a stop at the vending industry - and which is more widespread in countries like Great Britain, the Netherlands, Sweden or Poland than in Germany. "The German consumer is still much more reserved regarding cashless payment systems in the international comparison, even if a strong shift can be observed here, which of course is also effecting the vending market," André Meier, Head of Sales at Sielaff GmbH & Co. KG.

According to a survey carried out by the Allensbach Opinion Poll Institute in June 2018, already 59 percent of the German respondents over 16 found it practical or very practical to pay for snacks, beverages, cigarettes or travel tickets from vending machines using a girocard. In Germany there are over 100 million girocards and bank or savings bank customer cards. Since the end of 2016, all new girocards issued by the German cooperative banks and savings banks and some of the private banks have an integrated contactless function in order to allow so-called direct contactless payment "en passant" using the NFC technology without having to charge them with money from one's account in advance. By the end of the year 75 million contactless girocards will be in circulation. Furthermore, since 2018 the German credit sector has been enabling contactless payment using the smartphone. Thanks to Google Pay the owners of an Android mobile phone can also already pay using the smartphone. A new alliance between Google and Paypal will no doubt accelerate this development considerably.

The advantages of contactless payment

The users and operators of vending machines can use the changed attitude of the Germans towards cashless payment to their advantage. Operating the machine becomes more efficient and more viable for the operator because change no longer has to be paid out (and thus the provision and filling of the machine is no longer necessary). The banknote and coin inventory becomes a thing of the past. And the risk of vandalism and theft is reduced, because there is no cash inside the vending machines.

"The increased implementation of the connectivity leads to the operator being able to access his devices more easily. This enables him to react fast to the current market situation, i.e. through the flexible adaption of sales prices," which Sielaff consider to be a further advantage for vending machine operators. Equipping vending machines with cashless payment options could actually pay off in hard cash, John Kolthof, Executive Director of CCV Easy, a brand of the international CCV Group B.V., said: "We see great potential for all types of vending machines that have to be equipped with an electronic payment solution which are able to execute all types of payments. Current surveys show that the consumers will spend much more if they are not limited down to the coins in their pockets."

At euvend & coffeena 2019 systems for cashless payment will attract a great amount of attention. Including "Hi!", the new cashless reader by EVOCA Germany GmbH and the respective app "Breasy". "Simple and fast payment is a must nowadays. Hi!, the new cashless reader, which contains the Bluetooth and IrDA technology, unites flexibility and maximum security. The key laser has a new security level, which offers increased protection against hacking. Furthermore, the proximity reader disposes of the Mifare DESFire technology for cards in order to offer higher security," is how Oliver Garn, Executive Director EVOCA Germany GmbH, explained the advantages of the new system.

Further trends and potentials of cashless payment can be found at euvend & coffeena in Cologne from 9 to 11 May.

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