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Under the section VISIT SAFE, all measures ensuring that all trade fair participants can move around the entire exhibition grounds with minimum risk are summarised.

This includes comprehensive hygiene provisions such as:

Icon, Disinfection and cleaning

Disinfection and cleaning

We will place disinfectant dispensers at all essential points throughout the premises. Regularly touched surfaces (e.g. counters, tables, handrails) will be cleaned more frequently.

Icon, Mandatory mouth and nose protection

Mandatory mouth and nose protection

Everyone on the trade fair grounds is obliged to wear mouth and nose protection. The only exception are seating areas, e.g. at exhibition stands or at places providing food. For those who do not have their own masks, we will provide mouth and nose protection.

Icon, Sufficient ventilation

Sufficient ventilation

Our exhibition space is equipped with modern ventilation systems that allow for separate exhaust air and outgoing exhaust air control.

icon Hygiene in sanitary facilities

Hygiene in sanitary facilities

Our sanitary facilities will be cleaned at frequent intervals. We will ensure the minimum distance for hand washing and disinfection facilities.

Icon, Contact-free paths on the trade fair ground

Contact-free paths on the trade fair ground

All door systems except fire doors remain permanently open to reduce contact with surfaces.

Download list of measures

Donwload the VISIT SAFE pdf here. Find out more here and do not hesitate to get in touch with us with questions or suggestions!

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Carolyn Tiedemann
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