Office Lounge becomes Office Coworking Lab

Offices are tomorrow's coffee houses. This development brings changes in company catering and thus also new business potential for the vending industry.

And euvend & coffeena 2019 brings this trend to life with the "Office Coworking Lab". This is where the Office Lounge, Coworking Space and Students Lab come together. Company catering and vending meet new working environments and junior staff in a creative working environment with coworking lounge/loft character.


Students and junior staff in training will work in the Office Coworking Lab - a kind of coworking space equipped with vending facilities - on projects defined in advance by the industry. Visitors of euvend & coffeena will be able to look over the shoulders of young people from the industry. For example, tasks can come from the areas of marketing and sales, international marketing, design, communication and PR, architecture and technology.

Exhibitors at euvend & coffeena are invited to formulate their tasks and submit them to Carolyn Tiedemann ( ) by 18 April 2019. A larger group of students from the Netherlands has already registered. Further groups of different universities and vocational schools are planned.

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