Visions of Vending

Visions of Vending

Expert forum: Visions of Vending - Rethinking of vending

The German Vending Association (BDV) sincerely invited you to attend the “Visions of Vending – Rethinking of vending“ lecture series during Eu’Vend & coffeena 2017.

Well-known persons in trade reported in order to open up new perspectives in the vending business.

Aris Kaschefi (BDV) together with Eric M.C. Schwaab (Vending Report) presented the forum.

Speakers and themes

Speaker Company Title
Marco Atzberger EHI Retail Institute e.V. Trends in Retail
Jan Marck Vrijlandt Selecta Management / Eva President New cooperations, new grounds
Frieder Steigler rheavendors group Visions / Office & Beverage Service of the future
Ulrich Binnebößel Handelsverband Deutschland - HDE - e.V. Payment Development
Prof. Dr. Jens Wetterau Hochschule Niederrhein Next generation provision of food
Christiane Stuck The Nielson Company Market research figures of the coffee market

Impressions Visions of Vending 2017