Barista demonstrations - What about the world of coffee shops today?


Barista demonstration with Nana Holthaus Vehse

Coldbrew, Nitro, Latte Art – the world of coffee has seen fundamental changes. Current coffee trends are not only important for the barista. What excites the customer at the coffee shop, is preferably consumed everywhere – in the office and on the way. To excite everywhere in the out of home sector, it is essential for every „coffee maker“ to know the current trends. Our master barista Nana Holthaus-Vehse excited you and updated you to the state of the coffee art.

The topics were:

Coldbrew, Nitro, Latte art, how multifaceted is coffee today?

What does the world of the coffee shops look like today, what is liked and how is coffee presented nowadays? The cult drink coffee is hip and yet so normal. But what do we have to implement, rethink or note about all of this? Where is it all going? Questions and answers on the most popular drink of the Germans.

Barista vs. vending, the Live Challenge

Which coffee concept suits me best and which role does the Barista pay? We pose the exciting question, who is faster, more constant and requires which effort. Parameters need facts, but how should I cope with this. In an exciting challenge the barista champion takes on the machine and puts an end to preconceptions so that it is easier for everyone to opt for his coffee concept in future.